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The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet

  1. Looking and feeling good is what everyone wants. Exercising and eating right are the only ways to achieve this. People need food in order to have the energy to do certain things. One way to lose weight and still maintain a healthy lifestyle is by only eating foods that are low in saturated fats and high in monounsaturated ones which are being done by the Mediterranean diet.
  2. This is called the Mediterranean diet because the eating plan comes from those who live along the Mediterranean Sea. This was first discovered after the end of the Second World War by an American doctor but never became popular until the 1990s.
  3. The reason why many people in these countries are healthy and are able to live for more than a hundred years is because of the large amounts of olive oil consumed in each meal. Another contributing factor is also in the red wine, which also has antioxidants properties.
  4. The difference between the Mediterranean Diet compared to others out there is that the person does not have to give up anything but simply makes some wise food choices. This means avoiding eating processed foods or those from tinned cans and getting those that are fresh.
  5. The Mediterranean Diet involves eating food in large, moderate, and small quantities. The person should eat a lot of food such as beans, bread, cereals, fruits, grains, and nuts since these contain minerals, nutrients, and vitamins that are good for the body.
  6. On a moderate level, the individual can have cheese, milk, and yogurt since this will prevent the consumption of other things that are high in saturated fats.
  7. The type of products that should be consumed lightly is animal meat such as fish, pork, chicken, and eggs, which can be done a few times a month.
  8. The Mediterranean diet teaches the individual to eat right. In order to live healthy like these people who live by the sea, it is best to engage in some form of physical activity to be able to burn those extra calories.
  9. A few simple examples could be brisk walking, jogging, and running. Those who want to exercise in a group could try a team sport such as basketball or by joining a class at the local gym.
  10. Who wants to live forever? Perhaps that will be a question to ask those who have reached a hundred. This may not have been the plan but it has happened especially to those who are living along the Mediterranean Sea.

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