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The Cholesterol Diet

The Cholesterol Diet

1. Introduce the topic of cholesterol and what it does in the body.

The body needs cholesterol in order to build cell walls, digest dietary fats, produce hormones, and other important processes. Unfortunately, too much can give anyone high blood pressure and heart disease.

This means the individual has to be careful about the kind of food being taken in that has this chemical. One way will be to reduce eating items that are high in saturated fat such as those found in dairy products, poultry, egg yolks, and red meat.

Another will be avoiding the kind of food being offered in fast food joints. The ingredients and oil used in the cooking have also been known to contain high levels of cholesterol that are not safe for the body.

2. Explain how cholesterol is a type of fat and why it is important.

The ideal way to maintain a low cholesterol diet is to eat products that are fat-free like those made in dairy products. The person should also consume lean meat, fish, skinless poultry, and whole-grain foods.

The individual should also not forget to get some vitamins and nutrients from fresh fruits and green vegetables. These are better when combined with large quantities of monosaturated and olive oil.

The way to cook these products is also important. Instead of frying, the best way to reduce the cholesterol is to grill or roast the meat, boil or steam those vegetables or fish. The cooking time will surely be much slower than before so another way will be to use the microwave.

If ever the person needs to use cooking oil, it is best to use low-fat oils that are available at the supermarket.

5. Offer tips for following a cholesterol diet and summarize the key points.

Another thing the individual should avoid is consuming products such as beer, wine, and soda. It is okay to have a drink on occasion but living a healthier lifestyle will be achieved by only taking water and fresh juice from fruits.

A low cholesterol diet should also be combined with some form of exercise. This can be as simple as going for a morning stroll, jogging, or running. The person can also hit the water if there is a pool nearby but if not, there is surely a gym so one can sweat it out.

The one in control of the person’s well-being is no other than that individual. This means it is a matter of choosing what food or drinks to buy in the grocery which is also the same when ordering a meal in a restaurant.

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